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My Transplant Journey  


Chad Scott

I'm a notoriously private person, yet have little difficulty sharing things that might have a positive impact or sincere interest to others.  Realizing that there are several family members, friends, former students, clients and colleagues interested in my wellbeing, I feel a bit of an obligation to keep them updated as to my journey.  I appreciate and am humbled by the thoughts, prayers, kind words, and visitors who came to the hospital or have reached out. Most of all I appreciate anyone who is an organ donor or provides a charitable gift to a related organization.  I have some links provided at the end of this page below if you would like more information.

MesabaCare was temporarily closed, but as of 5/7 we are again fully open providing the quality therapy and diagnostic assessments that we have been delivering over the past 5+ years in Aurora.  


After getting sick with a viral infection (flu/covid/etc) my prior liver disease reactivated and I was promptly put on the transplant list.  Only two weeks later I was called with an offer for a liver, which led to a two night hospital stay and a donor liver that turned out not to be viable. I was sent home without a surgery and a worsening liver. 


On March 3rd, I was called again and this time I was in surgery at the U of M the next morning.  The surgery was a success and all indications of my prior liver disease quickly evaporated.  Nevertheless, I stayed in the hospital a bit longer than expected due to a hospital born infection. I then stayed in a campus apartment until mid-April to be close to my medical staff in case of organ rejection or other complications.  I've now been home for some time and had no significant post-operative problems. I even recently took a trip to Los Angeles to attend a mental health training.  It has been great being back at work and as for my health, I'm doing exceptional.     

I am forever grateful to my donor and his family.  My thoughts are with him and his grieving family during this time.  I hope the family can find some peace in knowing that their loved one saved my life though donation.  Going through this has only made me a stronger and more knowledgable person who will be even more committed to the helping professions as a therapist, clinical supervisor and educator. 


I also want to give a special thank you to my medical staff at the U of M, with special thanks to my surgeon, Dr. Pruett.  I truly believe I have been in the best of hands all throughout this process with the U of M.  I know of a couple other healthcare organizations in Minnesota that might have more glitz and glamour, but when it comes to pure medical care where the patient truly comes first, I'd suggest the U of M every time.  Lastly, I must thank Conrad Ross of Essentia Health who provided great ongoing care to me between my interactions with of U of M.          


As for the liver disease that caused all this, it is still a bit of a mystery.  It is considered a multifactorial cryptogenic liver disease in which there are indications of genetic, autoimmune, viral, and lifestyle influences that overpowered my liver's ability to stay healthy.  I'd be happy to discuss this more in depth with anyone with an interest, but it is beyond the scope of this short update.           

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