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Covid-19 information


How MesabaCare will change its practices on May 4th to help protect you from getting COVID-19:

  • Teletherapy or telephone therapy are offered (see below).

  • Clients are encouraged to wait in their car or come at exact time of visit to minimize use of waiting room.  Maintain social distancing at all times.

  • No one will enter the MesabaCare building if they have a fever or are not feeling well.  This includes staff, vendors, clients, and all others entering the building.

  • Your forehead temperature may be taken prior to the session and anyone with a fever will not be allowed to proceed with visit.


  • The children's toy area is now open, but children must wash/sanitize hands prior to and after playing.​

  • Therapist and client(s) will sit a minimum of 6 feet from each other during sessions.

  • Clients are encouraged to only bring in people who are going to be in the session.

  • If you recently had COVID-19, you must provide proof from a physician or other qualified professional that you no longer post a risk to the public's health.

  • Hand sanitizer or washing is encouraged prior to each visit.

  • Masks are required for individuals not vaccinated unless he/she meets a health exception.


Information about our teletherapy:

  • It is HIPAA Compliant (private/secure).

  • All you need is a smartphone or tablet.

  • No need for login or password for sessions.  We will email or text a link just prior to your session.

  • Teletherapy works well with adults and children.

  • All you need is a private place to talk and access to the internet.

  • Please call MesabaCare with any questions.    

Chad's top-10 suggestions during COVID-19:

  1. Stay informed, but not obsessed.  Take news and social media timeouts daily.  

  2. Practice relaxation:  Deep breathing, yoga, meditation are all free and easily accessible on YouTube or on apps such as Headspace and Calm.

  3. Social isolation does not mean emotional isolation.  Call, Facetime, or Skype your friends and family more often than you would normally.  

  4. If you have children, try to keeps routines as normal as possible, model non-anxious behavior, and reassure them with language they understand.

  5. Remind yourself that this will eventually pass and things will go back to normal.  Try not to predict the future negatively because there is almost zero chance you will be right.

  6. Stay busy doing something productive.  It's hard to have negative thoughts when our minds are busy doing productive things.

  7. Exercise and eat right because it is just as important for you mind as your body.  It is also important to not use alcohol and other mind altering substances to cope with stress.

  8. Follow the advice of your doctor or Center for Disease Control (CDC) because they are the best source of information.  Don't be afraid to call your doctor or set up a remote visit.

  9. Don't stop your mental health treatments.  Keep taking and refilling your medications.  Keep going to therapy even if it is a remote visit.  It is likely more important now with the stress and anxiety of COVID.

  10. Call me at MesabaCare if you have any questions about mental health, stress, anxiety or coping.  Consider signing-up for teletherapy at MesabaCare on this website.

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